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2.000 visitors at Lelystad Airport

4/6/2018 | Day of construction

A big turnout by interested people and future travellers during the Buildings Day on June 2, 2018. 2.000 interested people of all ages took the first step in the new Terminal of Lelystad Airport. A day filled with great stories about collaborations, the sustainable design and fun activities for the children. Architects Noud Paes (Partner) and Julius Klatte from Paul de Ruiter Architects are thankful for receiving so many positive reactions on their Design explanation.

At various locations in the terminal, specialists told about the various components of the (construction) project. In addition to Lelystad Airport itself, the TBI building consortium, Syscon (ICT supplier) and Viggo (integral service provider), Lelystadse Boer and Aviodrome also had a market stall.

The Design

By anticipating and responding to the diverse needs of a wide range of passengers, the resulting design offers space and comfort to every kind of traveller.

The design for the new terminal with a LEED Gold certification pays homage to the Dutch civil engineer Cornelis Lely by taking as its starting point the spectacular simplicity of the region of reclaimed land in the province of Flevoland. The new terminal sits almost naturally in the wide-open and abstract landscape of the region, and makes a striking horizontal statement. The terminal consists of an elongated volume that splits the landside from the airside and incorporates the pier with its departure lounges.

Relaxing and comfortable

Lelystad Airport will be completely self-service, with advanced state-of-the-art systems befitting a mobile, digital world. Passengers will be free to check in and drop off their baggage completely autonomously, and this applies even to the identification of, and payment for, excess baggage. A “just-in-time” system will let passengers know when to proceed to the gate. This and other such systems will improve the convenience of using an airport, and enhance the passengers’ sense of freedom.

Broadcasting Flevoland movie ‘’Open Buildings day at the new terminal Lelystad Airport’’

Omroep Flevoland Film ‘’Open dag bij nieuwe Terminal Lelystad Airport’’.
Lelystad Frontal
Lelystad Binnen
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