Wijhe Farmhouse

A house with two characters
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This house in Wijhe, a village just south of Zwolle, is the result of a renovation that retained almost nothing of the farmhouse that it used to be, save for a few structures such as the foundation and one of the facades, which both date from 1611. One of our primary objectives, besides turning it into an inviting home, was to make what we delivered sustainable.

Wijhe 2
To preserve the history of the old farmhouse, we retained the northern brick facade, the thatched roof and the rafters.

A living room in an excavated hillock

We wanted to create as much room in the house as possible, so we excavated part of the hillock on which old farmhouse sat. This provided the extra room we needed to create a split-level dwelling in which we could have a sunken living room that still left us with all the space of a ground floor and the two floors above.

Wijhe S1
Wijhe S2
Wijhe S3
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A house with two characters

The client wanted a home that kept home life and work life apart while constituting a coherent whole. So we gave the eastern and western facades over to different functions. The western façade welcomes visitors and residents to the “home”, and entry through its door leads from the ground floor to the one above, while the eastern facade serves as the business face, with an entrance that leads to the office, a quiet space for undisturbed concentration.

Wijhe 3

In harmony with the surrounding countryside

Floor-to-ceiling windows make up the entire length of the living area’s facade, so that the demarcation between the surrounding countryside and the interior is blurred. The ground and first floor are open-plan, allowing daylight to permeate each floor without interruption. Lastly, we situated the bathroom on the second floor and fitted it with large skylights, thereby affording the home’s occupants the most generous and relaxing view of the surrounding countryside.

Project details


Location Wijhe
Total floor area 430 m²
Volume 1,500m³
Project description Partly renovation / new farmhouse
Start of construction September 2006
Project completion April 2007

Project Team

Client Private
Project architect Paul de Ruiter
Project team Noud Paes, Roel Rutgers, Willem Jan Landman
Structural engineering Borreman Constructie Advies, Heerde
Landscape architect ZijAanzicht, Wageningen
Photography Stijn Poelstra