Artem Alexandrov

Intern Architect

After completing his bachelor’s in architecture, urbanism, and building sciences at Eindhoven University, Artem is now following a Master’s program in Architecture at Delft University of Technology. Artem will intern at Paul de Ruiter Architects until February 2023 and he is planning to complete his studies in February 2024.

Artem participated in various architecture-related extracurricular activities. He joined architecture competitions for students and even won one of them. For this, he designed a biophilic primary school (using natural materials) in New Zealand.
During his studies, Artem worked on a project for Sint Maarten after Hurricane Irma destroyed much of the island, leaving people to live under extreme conditions. For this project, he and his teammates came up with the idea to build a farm to produce local products and educate people on the potential of it. Furthermore, his project revolved around the design of hurricane and earthquake-resistant timber units using locally produced timber and reused steel.

According to Artem, sustainable architecture is a necessity: “My generation will experience the outcome of climate change. We as humans can do only so much. As people working in the construction industry, we have to take responsibility by making decisions that combat climate change.”

“It is very fun working at the office, there is no hierarchy and it’s good to see how people have different approaches to design solutions. The team members are open to helping out when necessary and respect my limitations. I was looking for a sustainable office, and Paul de Ruiter Architects works on projects that spark my interest.”