Gemlin Mohammed

Assistent Ontwerper

Gemlin Mohammed combined the final year of her degree in architecture at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences with complementary studies at the TU Delft Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, where she went on to pursue a master’s degree in architecture. She completed the bachelor’s programme in 2018 and her master’s degree in the summer of 2021, joining Paul de Ruiter Architects as a junior architect a few months before the latter. Gemlin uses the highly technical knowledge gained from her studies to inform her creativity.

Gemlin: “I’m one of those people who has to keep raising their own standards. I’m also very ambitious, love a challenge and I’m good at spotting opportunities. I’m sure this comes through in my work. I certainly know that approaching projects with an open mind makes it easier for me to spot all the options.”

As she sees it, the most fully realized buildings are those designed in response to their natural surroundings, which has the added benefit of contributing to the emotional well-being of end-users. But whatever their design, buildings must also fulfil their social role.

Gemlin: “Your responsibility as an architect doesn’t end with a building’s visual appeal. Your buildings must also be good in the broadest sense of the word, and this is something everyone here takes quite seriously. The designs produced here are informed by a genuine commitment to sustainability, and the resulting buildings have beneficial effects on their occupants, the environment and on biodiversity. This mindset corresponds perfectly with what I find important.”

Architecture is often seen as a male domain in the Netherlands. But this was news to Gemlin: “I’ve been fascinated by buildings for as long as I can remember and knew quite early on that I wanted to be an architect. I'm Kurdish. In my culture the idea of women pursuing careers in architecture is completely normal. So I never had to overcome the mental barrier that young women in other parts of the world often face. And I’m grateful for that, because I’ve never experienced anything that suggests I don’t belong in the industry.”