Jorrit Parmentier

Chief Sustainability Officer

Jorrit completed the Bachelor in Industrial Design at the University of Twente. During his studies, he did a minor in Industrial Design in Norway. In addition to his studies, Jorrit worked for a year as a technical manager on the board of the so-called 'dream team' of the University of Twente. For this, he and a team of 20 fellow students built a hydrogen car and participated in a competition against student teams from universities across Europe. After his bachelor's degree, Jorrit followed a master's degree in Building Technology at the Technical University in Delft. He completed this in the summer of 2021. After his studies, Jorrit worked for a few months at a building physics engineering firm. Since June 2022 he has been working as Chief Sustainability Officer at Paul de Ruiter Architects.

"I believe that everyone should be committed to making the world more sustainable to combat the current climate issues."

At PDR Architects, Jorrit is engaged in researching sustainability-related issues. He focuses on researching sustainable and nature-inclusive construction, with the main goal of making buildings greener. "Nature inclusive construction, thinking about which plants, animals, and insects can best live together is something I am very interested in. I'm doing research projects. This is a fun, varied job where I have to find the best sustainability solutions", says Jorrit. In addition to his work at Paul de Ruiter Architects, Jorrit works three days a week as a landscaper at the Koninklijke Ginkel Groep landscaping company.

The motto of Paul de Ruiter Architects is something that appeals to Jorrit: "Paul de Ruiter Architects is concerned with designing beautiful projects and is very progressive in greening the world. I also like the flexibility and the working environment at the office. I like working in a social workplace with people with the same goals and interests. I have found that at Paul de Ruiter Architects".