Lola Kleindouwel

Junior Architect

In 2021, Lola received her master's degree in Architecture cum laude from Delft University of Technology, in the graduate studio Explore Lab. She did exchange semesters at the University of Melbourne and the Politecnico di Milano. During her master's she completed an internship at PARA Project in New York. Since September 2021, she has been working as a Junior Architect at Paul de Ruiter Architects and is currently undertaking the BEP (professional experience period).

From a young age, Lola knew she wanted to be an architect: "Architecture is the perfect combination between art and technology. I think the interesting thing about architecture is its versatility, where you bring aspects such as history, social context, and sustainability together in one project."

Her graduation project 'Rethinking Minimalism' focused on population growth, increasing urbanization, and how to optimize density in cities without sacrificing urban quality at street level. This resulted in a highrise building in Manhattan, consisting of minimal and flexible studios of 22 m2. The space is fully transformable according to the user's daily schedule and the functionalities are incorporated into the ceiling.

The sustainable future-oriented vision at Paul de Ruiter Architects is what made Lola decide to apply: "Sustainability is very important to me. Due to global warming, massive urbanization, and population growth, something needs to change. At Paul de Ruiter Architects, sustainability is central and is included right from the start of the design process."