Richard Buijs

Technical Designer

Richard studied architecture at The Hague University of Applied Sciences and worked at Vera Yanovshtchinsky Architects and VMX Architects before joining Paul de Ruiter Architects, where he has been a senior building expert for the past ten years.

“I was taking a walk in Middelbrug the first time I came across one of the firm’s designs, and happened upon an imposing building that turned out to be the establishment of the Rijkswaterstaat. It caught my attention because it resembled a dyke keeping Zeeland safe and dry. There it stood, visually distinctive yet completely at one with its environment, and its solid yet refined aesthetic really resonated with me. I began following the practice’s work after that, and also began harbouring ambitions to work here.”

Richard’s particular expertise is detail. He works up the designs on a variety of projects to their finished state, thereby ensuring their integrity all the way down to the minutest detail.

“We work with a wide variety of clients on an equally wide assortment of commissions — private villas, car parks, schools, office buildings, apartment blocks — which keeps my work multidimensional and continually challenging.”