Tessa Meulens

PR & Communicatie

Tessa currently is doing her master's in Marketing Management at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. During her studies, she gained knowledge and work experience in the field of communication and marketing at Erasmus University. This is how she came to work at Paul de Ruiter Architects. Since September 2021 she has been working as an assistant PR & Communication in which she supports communication-related activities. In addition, Tessa makes vlogs during events.

Tessa: "At Paul de Ruiter Architects, sustainability is important. This is also something I find very important and I try to live as sustainably as possible in my daily life. Every day I learn more about sustainable architecture and I find it very interesting. The Paul de Ruiter team has welcomed me with open arms and I feel at ease within the team."

According to Tessa, it is very good that the Paul de Ruiter team is working towards a sustainable future. “I try to bring out the different aspects involved in sustainable design in the simplest and clearest way possible. This way, anyone without any knowledge about sustainable architecture can learn something about it.” - Tessa