Paul de Ruiter
26 Dedalo Minosse International Prize 2017

The 4th Gymnasium nominated for the Dedalo Minosse International Prize 2017

March 24, 2017 Dedalo Minosse Award

The judge of the Dedalo Minosse International Prize 2017 nominated the 4th Gymnasium as one of the potential winners. The Dedalo Minosse prize is yearly awarded to the initiator that successfully collaborated with the architect by realising a valuable and sustainable building. Paul de Ruiter Architects designed the first energyneutral Gymnasium in Amsterdam by closely collaborating with the projectmanagementbureau of the initiator, the municipality of Amsterdam. Contractor Dura Vermeer is responsible for the construction of the school.

The 4th Gymnasium goes along with the sustainable ambition of the Houthavens, the formal industrial area that will be transformed into the first energy neutral urban district of Amsterdam. The school offers -next to the qualities of a modern Gymnasium- unique facilities for culture and arts for 800 students. Alongside the regular class rooms there are ateliers, a cinema, a theatre and laboratories.

The school building has a highly efficient energy system through the connection with the city district heating, high-quality triple glazing and solar panels that will be applied. The use of natural daylight and intelligent ventilation optimize the indoor climate, thereby the building is designed according to the Clean Air School principles.

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