Paul de Ruiter


How we like to work

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We engage in dialogue

At the start of the design process, dialogue is essential in order to find out exactly what clients really want. We listen carefully and translate their wishes and knowledge about themselves or their organization into a schedule of requirements. We like to engage in dialogue about the technical and financial aspects and we focus particularly on how the design can become a place where the user feels comfortable. This makes it possible to develop a working relationship with the client based on inspiration, resulting in a carefully-designed building, tailored to their needs.


We design from the inside out

Our architecture is all about connecting people. We are interested in how people wish to feel in the building and how they intend to operate within it. For example, an office building must first and foremost provide a comfortable environment in which people meet each other and can work and collaborate effectively. Equally, a house should be a place where you can relax and feel at home. Only when we have clearly identified these needs, do we focus on the outside.


We optimize aspects of sustainability

From brainstorming through to building, we consult with our client throughout the process. This enables us to keep a clear eye on our goals and adapt them where necessary. Thanks to our years of experience, we can be flexible in our approach to design. Will more staff be working on one of the floors? If so, we will devise a solution to provide the space, light and ventilation they need to perform their work effectively.


We keep a clear eye on our goals

Using the ‘spider diagram’, an assessment model developed in-house, we optimize all sustainable aspects of a design within the set budget. Our knowledge of performance-based design software assists us in this. Our BIM specialists ensure that we can work as effectively as possible with all of the parties involved. Our challenge is to achieve more with the same resources and therein lies our strength. It allows us to reap the benefits in terms of sustainability.