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Grand opening of the Biosintrum by King's Commissioner Arno Brok

June 7, 2019 New building opening

On Friday, 7 June, King's Commissioner Arno Brok will officially open the Biosintrum in Oosterwolde in front of invited guests. More than 80% of the physical structure this knowledge centre by Paul de Ruiter Architects consists of bio-based material. The centre was conceived as a meeting point for industry, academia and government agencies involved in the bio-based economy.

Grand opening
The ceremony will commence with opening remarks by Mayor Harry Kloosterman, followed by the official opening by King's Commissioner Arno Brok. Following this will be a lecture by Paul de Ruiter, a roundtable discussion with architect Martijn van Gameren, among others, and a tour of the building

About the Biosintrum
The Biosintrum knowledge and innovation centre is part of the Ecomunitypark in Oosterwolde, and aims to be the beating heart of the local bio-based economy and bridge the gap between industry and academic research. The construction and design of the building were themselves realized in collaboration with local businesses and government agencies. This manner of collaboration and knowledge-exchange was central to both the design and the design process.

An architectural benchmark
The combination of unique biomass materials and timeless architecture has resulted in a design benchmark for buildings of this nature. The centre’s striking appearance is reinforced by its unusual, Y-shaped floor plan. Each arm of the building is to be devoted to a different discipline, with the centrally located atrium serving as a hub. The internal structure of each arm was dictated by, and corresponds with, the functions it serves. The ground floor accommodate a restaurant, meeting rooms and a conference hall. It also includes an educational area, offices and laboratory facilities. Study rooms are situated around the atrium, reinforcing the building’s qualities as a facilitator of interaction, and rendering interaction and knowledge sharing visible.

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