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Vera Leitão


Vera finished her master’s degree in architecture at Instituto Superior Tecnico (Lisbon, 2018). During her study she did an internship at Aires Mateus & Associados and at Fragmentos de Arquitectura to gain practical experience. She participated at Erasmus program in Barcelona, where she was able to complete her master by learning different visions regarding architecture.

Architecture is fascinating, complex and sensitive. I believe that it is made by people for people combining the experiences and imagination of the designer and the person who's using the building. Architecture demands are diverse, requiring versatility and flexibility, compiling the knowledge of the most technical aspects and the most creative ones in order to be as unique, simple and complete as possible."

As a curious and communicative person who wanted to experience different ways of working and living she moved to Amsterdam to work in an international environment and did an internship at Studioninedots. After her internship she stayed in Amsterdam and started working at Paul de Ruiter Architects.

"My vision on architecture is completely in line with Paul de Ruiter Architects’ circular vision, where people’s sensations and well-being are driven by spaces designed to work in harmony. I'm also drawn by the diverse range of projects developed in the office, affinity to details, sense of aesthetics and strong identity. As part of the city, the projects follow the interests of a society in permanent change, allying innovative, intelligent and sustainable solutions in order to contribute to their context and to the urban structure.’