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Development of Leiden Bio Science Park’s entrance area gets under way with signing of agreement

March 20, 2019 Signing agreement

It is MORE. That is the name given to the development of the area set to form the new entrance to Leiden Bio Science Park. The agreement marking the official commencement of development was signed on March 18 by the project’s partners: Leiden University, the municipality of Leiden and Amstelveen-based developer Yisheng Development, represented respectively by Martijn Ridderbos, vice president of the executive board of Leiden University; Paul Dirkse, Leiden councillor for Knowledge, Education, Sport and Finance; and Mr Zhang.

“Yisheng Development’s plan is both spatially and architecturally appealing, and gives a great deal of thought to sustainability and health,” commented Ridderbos. “The development will be a significant boost to the entire park, and make it both livelier and more diverse. The plan includes roughly 1,100 new homes and a broad range of community facilities, and emphasizes the provision of collective space for socializing and interaction.”

Developer and investor Yisheng Development heads a team made of Lingotto Development, RED+ and Realnomics, and a design team comprising VenhoevenCS, Paul de Ruiter Architects and LANDLAB. Construction, engineering and project management expertise will be supplied by IMd engineering, Traject, Peutz and RHDHV. The project will be realized in collaboration with construction and development firm Du Prie, and student housing developer Student Experience will manage the residential accommodation. “I believe and am completely confident that all parties will use all of their knowledge and expertise to effect the degree of collaboration necessary for the realization of this wonderful project,” said Mr Zhang, director of Yisheng Development. “Let’s use our combined effort over the next few years to make this 400-year-old bulwark of freedom an even more wonderful place!”

The approximately 1,100 rental properties and hotel are primarily intended for students, young professionals, international personnel, guest researchers at the university and local residents. An important aspect of the project is the creation of a lively community of students, local residents and on-campus business personnel. This ambition stems from the masterplan drawn up by the university and the municipality for the further development of Leiden Bio Science Park. Contributing to the formation of the community will be a good mix of facilities and communal areas, both inside the buildings and outdoors. The entrance area will be a car-free zone, and will be designed to serve pedestrians and cyclists.

Councillor Paul Dirkse: “The clustering of first-rate academic institutes, an R&D hub, a healthcare sector and life science companies is drawing students, researchers and entrepreneurs from all over the world to our city of knowledge, which in turn has boosted the dynamism of local work life. Our plan is to make the area a pleasant one to live in as well, so that this vibrancy spills over into the evenings and weekends. And this is what MORE is going to deliver.”

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