Paul de Ruiter
1924 Vlietermonument 02

Official start of the restauration and expansion of the Vlietermonument

April 21, 2023

A festive moment! Last week, the restoration and expansion of the Vlietermonument on the Afsluitdijk officially started.

This thorough restoration and expansion of the catering facility and information point will make the monument completely future-proof. We are responsible for the design of the expansion of the monument. Paul de Ruiter further explained this during the event in a presentation.

During the kick-off ceremony, Wop Schat, the project manager of the Afsluitdijk, and Cees Loggen, deputy of the province of North Holland, took the first stones out of the ground in front of the sculpture "a nation that lives builds its future," designed by Hildo Krop.

More information about the restoration of the Vlietermonument can be found by clicking on this link.

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