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Royal FloraHolland

A transparant, healthy work environment born out of a green philosophy

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Royal FloraHolland has been the international marketplace and knowledge partner for the global business-to-business floriculture market for over a hundred years.The company needed a new modern, efficient healthy working environment where employees enjoy working together. In our design, the original Zuidzicht office in Aalsmeer was renovated and transformed into a new office of 5,100 m2 with a circular extension. The new sustainable and 'green' building can be flexibly divided and is optimally ventilated with outdoor air.

Offices, Redevelopment, GPR, BREEAM, Energy neutral, Innovative climate system, Sunlight Usage, Circular

Communal atrium connects old with new

By placing a semicircular transparent office ring in front of the existing Zuidzicht, a common atrium has been created that connects the new building and the existing renovated office.The new, round and transparent building welcomes the world. By providing the outdoor case with maximum glass, the employees can make the most of healthy daylight and enjoy the view.The large crossing awnings protect the building from warming by the sun and are designed in such a way that flowers and plants can grow.The ground floor is an attractive place for meeting and meeting with various meeting rooms and the restaurant.On the floors, the offices have been expanded with a connecting and efficient workplace concept.Various flex spaces and cooperation rooms are interspersed with quiet zones. This creates an open, dynamic atmosphere in which both individual employees and larger teams can always find a suitable working environment.

Green in the working environment works

At the entrance and in the garden of Floradôme comes a large diversity of plants that together with the sedum on the awnings contributes to increasing biodiversity. Inside Floradôme, more than 425 m2 of plants have been processed: on walls, hanging from the ceiling and in planters. By applying green islands to green walls, each room takes on its own character.

Sustainable healthy future
In line with Royal FloraHolland's sustainability policy, circularity and health are central to the design and use of the building. For example, daylight optimization, solar panels on the roof, heat/cold storage, natural air supply and drainage and heat recovery have been applied.

Project details


Name and location Royal FloraHolland, Aalsmeer
Address Legmeerdijk 313
Total floor area 5.000 m2
Program 250 flexible work places, restaurant, new head entrance, meeting centre and facility spaces
Start design February 1st, 2016
Start construction February 2019
Completion March 2021


Client Royal FloraHolland
Project architect Paul de Ruiter
Project team Marieke Sijm, Christian Quesada van Beresteyn, Mark Homminga, Noud Paes, Alex Pieterse
Project management Royal HaskoningDHV
Construction consultant Royal HaskoningDHV
Installations consultant Vink Installatiegroep
Contractor BAM Bouw en Techniek
Finishing Contractor Bouwbedrijf Huurman Leiden
Landscape architect Donker Groep
Interior Architect Royal HaskoningDHV
Interior Zwartwoud BV

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