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A light, airy, naturally ventilated multi-storey car park

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To solve the problem of parking space near the Feyenoord Stadium in Rotterdam, the Municipality of Rotterdam commissioned Paul de Ruiter Architects to design a multi-storey parking facility that would possess architectural distinction and correspond with the urban plan of the area. Our response locates a large proportion of the facility’s 630 parking spaces underground and devotes the ground floor to restaurants and shops.


The Veranda car park is designed around an open, nine-level void, ensuring an abundance of daylight and fresh air at every level. The nine levels consist of four parking levels each above and below ground, with the two parking sections sandwiching a ground floor lined with restaurants and shops.

Spiral routing

The layout of the facility is designed for convenience and is both simple and efficient. From sloping runways in the middle of the trapezium-shaped floor plan, cars move in a spiral upwards or downwards around the centre. Parking space is arranged both along the outer walls and beside the central open area. The parking levels are accessible to pedestrians via a staircase and a panoramic glass lift that ascends from the void in the central open area.

At night, the facade admits ambient outdoor light, which makes the building glow like a massive lantern.

A façade designed to admit daylight and fresh air

The facade is composed of horizontal strips of aluminium, alternated with narrow strips of mirrored glass. The aluminium strips are of our own design, and feature folded and perforated panels for ventilation and light. The glass and aluminium panels are contained in extruded aluminium mouldings, which we also designed specifically for this project. The facade acts as a diffusion screen, admitting daylight into the car park while offering its users a fragmented view of the outside world. And at night, it admits ambient outdoor light, which makes the building glow like a massive lantern.

Project details


Location Siem Heidenstraat 6, Rotterdam
Project description Parking facility for 630 cars, with restaurants and shops
Total floor area 20,000 m² car park, 500 m² restaurant, 500 m² of shops
Start design January 2002
Start construction August 2003
Completion March 2005
Awards PPP-Award 2007 (For the best designed and most service-oriented car park in the Netherlands).


Client Dienst Stadstoezicht Rotterdam and City of Rotterdam Development Corporation (OBR)
User Locals and visitors
Project architect Paul de Ruiter
Project team Michael Noordam, Dieter Blok, Monique Verhoef, Willeke Smit, Sander van Veen
Construction management Gemeentewerken Rotterdam
Advisor construction ABT
Advisor installations Halmos
Urban Design Rudy Uytenhaak Architectenbureau
Contractor Dura Vermeer Beton- en Waterbouw
Photography Rien van Rijthoven & Rob 't Hart

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