Paul de Ruiter
2023 PDR 03 Agnieszka 05 3000

Agnieszka Trzcinska

Junior Architect i.o.

Agnieszka obtained her bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Technology in Warschau, Poland. She continued her studies at the Technical University in Delft and received her master’s degree in Architecture in 2023. As of February 2023, she is working as a junior architect in training at Paul de Ruiter Architects and started to work on her BEP.

So far, Agnieszka has been working on a diversity of projects, ranging from design sketches to competitions for schools, offices, and an apartment building. Agnieszka enjoys the freedom that is paired with the design process: “You get to create a narrative for each project, imagine a vision, and show its potential in the best way possible.”

Whilst growing up in Warschau, Agnieszka has always been intrigued by architecture. She always wondered why the buildings are designed the way they are and is very interested in cross-over technology and spatial design: “Architecture is a way of creative problem-solving, you have to use the right tools to solve problems that come with infrastructure and technology”, Agnieszka says.

“Architecture has the power to shape the future. Paul de Ruiter Architects is going into a direction that allows us to create future-proof designs and responds to climate and societal change.”

The sustainability and circularity aspect at Paul de Ruiter Architects is what inspired Agnieszka to apply: “It’s very impressive that this office is B-Corp certified and I think more architectural offices should try to be more socially responsible.”