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Alex Pieterse

Building Expert

Alex graduated in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. His specialization was building technology, which examines the fundamentals of construction. While studying, Alex and a fellow student set up their own practice, focusing primarily on private clients.

“I’ve been fascinated by anything to do with construction since I was a kid, be that boat building or stage design. This fascination determined my course of study, which eventually focused my interest on the technologies of construction.”

By graduation, Alex’s private practice had enough clients to keep him busy, and several of the resulting projects are currently under development. The achievement bred a yearning for new challenges, which led him to Paul de Ruiter Architects.

“Paul de Ruiter’s buildings were often used as illustrations during my studies, and I was frequently struck by the way their facades combined climate regulation, technology and design. So when I decided to seek a relevant position with an established practice, the choice was obvious.”

Upon settling in, Alex set to work on the implementation of the student complex on the Poeldijkstraat, among other works-in-progress, focusing primarily on its architectural detailing.

“What I missed while working on private projects was being part of a team, the experience of pooling your knowledge with that of your colleagues to create something special. This is what being at Paul de Ruiter has provided. And despite the scale of the projects, the practice itself feels quite intimate.”