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Niek Stam

Technical Designer

Niek graduated from his bachelor's degree 'Built Environment' at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences in the Summer of 2023, with a specialization in architecture. A specialization that focuses on the design of buildings and their technical development. After his studies, he decided to first gain some experience in the field. During an internship at the architectural firm VDNDP, he gained his first experience in the technical development phase. He now wants to apply and expand this knowledge. Over the years, Niek has often come into contact with projects by Paul de Ruiter Architects when analyzing existing buildings for study projects: "What appealed to me about PdRA is the sustainable view with which the firm looks at projects. I think it's very nice that when a design is ready, I know that everything has been done to make it as good and sustainable as possible."

In February 2025, Niek wants to take the next step by following a master's degree in Architecture at TU Delft. But first, he would like to gather more knowledge about the profession. "So far I really like it here at PdRA, as a technical designer you are included early in the design process, which makes the later steps towards a technical design easier". Niek has been part of Paul de Ruiter Architects since January.