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De Ruiter, Van Berkel, Koolhaas and Rau shape the future at Building Holland

March 23, 2016 Building Holland 2016

For the first time in history the four most influential architects of the Netherlands share the same stage. During Building Holland 2016 from 22 to 24 March, Ben van Berkel, Thomas Rau, Paul de Ruiter and Rem Koolhaas present their views on the theme '(Re) Building the Future'.

The four architects each give a keynote presentation on the future of the construction and property sector. Ben van Berkel kicked off on March 22 with a lecture on Research by Design. Thomas Rau gives his perspective on March 23 on circular building with his lecture called 'The new thing is nothing'.

Inspirator and visionary Paul de Ruiter gives a keynote lecture on the CO2-neutral society on March 24, the last day of Building Holland. De Ruiter already began his research on sustainability and climate-active façades in 1992 and is record-holder with the highest scores in the Netherlands for BREEAM, LEED, GPR and GreenCalc +. He gives his futuristic vision of the prospects of sustainability.

International inspiration Rem Koolhaas closes on Thursday, March 24th. For decades he knows how to innovate and amaze with buildings like the CCTV Building in Beijing and 'vertical city' De Rotterdam.

About Building HollandBuilding

Holland is a three-day, comprehensive event for the construction and property sector. The annual fair takes place at the RAI in Amsterdam. 10,000 visitors and 150 exhibitors come together to share knowledge, to network, to do business and to experience innovative products and concepts. The organizer of the fair, Duurzaam Gebouwd, knows like no other which matters are going on in the sector thanks to the knowledge of the unique network of professionals.

Photo: Maciej Spiess

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