Paul de Ruiter
Ni B Den Haag beeld

Nature-inclusive architectural concept for the Municipality of The Hague

January 15, 2019

Owing to population growth, ongoing rapid urbanisation and climate change, the natural environment’s share of our planet is declining and our weather becoming increasingly extreme.

Which is why our practice designs climate-adaptive buildings that increase biodiversity and contribute to the establishment of healthier cities. At the invitation of the Municipality of The Hague, Paul de Ruiter Architects have produced an architectural concept that demonstrates what is possible when we include nature in our thinking.

The concept reimagines the Binckhorst development, and consists of a mixed-use plan that blends residential and business accommodation with recreational facilities such as restaurants and public amenities. We’ve made some careful interventions to demonstrate the value of this approach. Each level of elevation possesses its own set of conditions, which the design addresses accordingly. It also acknowledges the fact that man and the rest of our natural world sometimes appear to have conflicting needs, and thus devotes sufficient space to plant and animal life, demonstrating in the process how this makes for a healthier and more appealing urban environment for all.

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