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A corporate headquarters that encourages employee interaction

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Avery Dennison, a global leader in the design and manufacture of a wide variety of labelling and packaging materials, has its European headquarters in the Leiden Bio Science Park, just off the A44. This headquarters includes a customer experience centre, offices and research and development laboratories, and is housed in a sustainable and striking, glass-walled building.

Laboratories, BREEAM

Employee interaction across functions

The five-storey building boasts a compact form and an intelligent arrangement of internal spaces, especially with regard to climate change adaptation. The open-plan design provides flexible and multifunctional workspaces that are visible and easily accessible from wherever one is in the building, thanks to the simplicity of our circulation design and to the spacious and welcoming atrium around which everything fits. The arrangement facilitates easy interaction between colleagues from different departments, thereby improving the likelihood of serendipitous and planned inter-disciplinary collaboration.

The atrium constitutes the heart of the building in every respect. It’s where clients are welcomed and where visitors come to marvel at the company’s latest innovations. It also abuts the meeting rooms, which are glass-walled, allowing their occupants can see what’s going on in the atrium. The atrium accommodates the staff canteen, but does without the usual demarcation of functions, so that the space between the two remains completely uninterrupted, the one merging with the other. Such overlaps and the visual accessibility of functions also help to promote interaction.

The research and development centre is adjacent to the atrium and behind glass walls that offer complete visually accessibility to staff in other parts of the building.

Three functions under one roof

Three functions under one roof The customer experience centre and the research and development centre are both on the ground floor. The former is where the interactive product demonstrations and public exhibitions of the company’s latest innovations take place. And while customers explore the innovations downstairs, the company’s non-research staff in the four floors above are busy at work on the innovations to come, in open-plan offices that lend themselves to easy adaptation according to the company’s future needs.

Built-in sustainability

Aside from facilitating an elevated physical experience of the building via its design, we also gave considerable thought to the building’s effect on the planet, and employed several measures to minimise its energy consumption. For instance, the elevators operate on a regenerative drive system that allows them to recover some of the energy they consume. We used heat-reflective glass throughout the building, thereby minimising the need to cool interior spaces by other means. Any surplus warm air is stored underground for later use. And all timber employed in construction was FSC-certified. These and other measures helped earned the building a “Very Good” BREEAM rating of environmental performance.

Project details


Location Rhijngeest-Zuid, Oegstgeest (NL)
Gross floor area 13,680m²
Program Sustainable headquarters with offices, customer experience centre and R&D laboratories
Start design March 2011
Start construction October 2012
Completion December 2014
Certification BREEAM-NL Very Good


Client OVG Real Estate
User Avery Dennison
Project architect Paul de Ruiter
Project team Marieke Sijm, Richard Buys, Chris Collaris, Caro van Dijk
Adv․ construction Bartels Consulting Engineers
Adviseur installaties Deerns engineering consultancy
Adv․ building physics DGMR
Interior architect Rietmeijer
Contractor J.P. van Eesteren B.V.
E-Installations Terberg Totaal Installaties
W-Installations Roodenburg Installatie Bedrijf
Urban design Studio Hartzema
Fotografie Ronald Tilleman & Bart van Hoek

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