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Batavia Biosciences

An inspiring, flexible building for the production of vaccines and medicines

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At the Leiden Bio Science Park, a new 12,000 m2 building for Batavia Biosciences is being constructed. The building will house offices, laboratories, and a production facility for vaccines and medicines. Batavia Biosciences is a contract development and production organization with expertise in viral vaccines, virotherapy, proteins, and antibodies. Paul de Ruiter Architects designed an inspiring, sustainable, and at the same time flexible building for innovative collaboration. Provast is developing this building on a custom basis for Batavia Biosciences.

Offices, Laboratories, BREEAM

Leiden Bio Science Park

The Leiden Bio Science Park is one of the most successful Science Parks in the world with the most life science start-ups in the Netherlands. The Bio Science Park aims to be an inspiring and vibrant place for R&D by 2025. The Bio Science Park is a place where you can live, work, research, learn and relax.

Robust and warm character

The design combines two characteristics, robustness and warmth. Together they create a building that promotes a high quality of work. It is located on a very green plot full of lush trees and is bustling with biodiversity. The solid closed corners create a robust character and powerful architecture. Between these solid corners, a transparent facade with horizontal slats is placed, which opens up to the maximum and brings daylight deep into the building. The light fa├žade reflects the green environment so that the building blends in seamlessly. This creates a place where the employees of Batavia Biosciences can entirely focus on their work. This translates into an open, transparent building with spacious floors. The entrance is located at the front of the building on an inviting plaza and serves as a meeting and relaxation area.

The building offers a distinctly stimulating work environment. Smart, open spaces and an impressive interior design give the building dynamism, while a simple layout creates clarity. The building offers optimal logistic flows on each floor to make the production process as efficient as possible. The floors have an impressive height of approximately 6m, in which prefab pods and lab spaces are placed to make the building maximally flexible in the future.

Sustainability as a key focus

Sustainability is a cornerstone of the building's design, a key focus that is visible everywhere. PV panels are located on the roof and in addition, the building is gas free. The building receives a BREEAM Excellent certification.

Project details


Name and location Batavia Biosciences, Leiden
Address Bio Science Park Leiden
Total floor area 12,000 m2
Project description laboratorium en productiefaciliteit
Start of design 2021
Sustainability BREEAM Excellent, flexible and adaptable


Client Provast
Tenant Batavia Biosciences
Project architect Paul de Ruiter en Martijn van Gameren
Project team Cederick Ingen-Housz, Vera Leitao, Milda Auksele
other parties involved IMD raadgevende ingenieurs, Ingenieursbureau Linssen, DGMR, VILS

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