The Rotterdamsebaan road project

The new gateway to The Hague
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The Rotterdamsebaan is the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken in The Hague. We were commissioned by the Bam-Volker Combination Rotterdam, and conceived its design in collaboration with Benthem Crouwel Architects and landscape architects Landschappartners. We set out not only to create an aesthetically impressive city gateway but also to provide a homegrown illustration of world-leading sustainable infrastructure. The junction was conceived to improve accessibility to the city and region by connecting the A4 and A13 motorways to the Centrumring (the road that rings the city centre).

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The Victory Boogie Woogietunnel

The Rotterdamsebaan’s tunnel goes by the official and memorable name the Victory Boogie Woogie Tunnel, after a famous painting by Mondrian that hangs in the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag. The tunnel entrance in the Vlietzone achieves harmony between the manmade construction and its natural surroundings. The tunnel entrance and staff building are covered with solar panels, through which all the latter’s energy needs are met. The panels are designed and arranged to prevent glare, which could otherwise distract motorists entering or exiting the tunnel.

The Rotterdamsebaan is scheduled for completion in early 2020.

Follow the construction (In Dutch only)

See photos of the project’s open day

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Project details


Project description New connecting road between the Ypenburg interchange (A4/A13) and the Centrumring
Start design November 2014
Start construction May 2016 (reconstruction of Mercuriusweg, between the Binckhorstlaan and the Neherkade, and preparation of the Vlietzone site); Summer 2016 (reconstruction of the Laan van Hoornwijck); and January 2018 (the tunnel)
Completion July 2020

Project Team

Client De BAM-Volker Combinatie Rotterdamsebaan
Design Paul de Ruiter Architects i.c.w. Benthem Crouwel and Landschappartners
Project architect Paul de Ruiter & Benthem Crouwel Architects
Project manager Marlous Vriethoff
Project team Roel Rutgers, Joost Vos, Jan Benthem, Moon Brader, Willem Jan Van der Gugten
Contractor BAM Infra