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The Antea Group's office building

A sustainable, climate-proof working environment

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Our design for Oranjewoud’s new office building integrates it into the topography of the noise barrier that runs alongside the A47 motorway. The building has been certified “Very Good” by the BREEAM-NL sustainability assessment body.

Offices, BREEAM

Uninterrupted view of the highway

The five-storey building is embedded in the noise barrier, and bisects it completely. The building rests on columns on the side with the main entrance, which looks out onto the car park, and rises straight from the sloping bank of earth on the side facing the motorway. This latter facade features a fifty-metre-wide floor-to-ceiling panoramic window that spans an entire floor, offering the building's occupants an uninterrupted view of the A27 and the world outside from the comfort of the office canteen. The canteen opens out onto a large paved courtyard that constitutes the heart of the building and provides space for social interaction. We located the reception, canteen and several meeting rooms on the first floor and dedicated the top three floors to offices. These offices are designed according to the principles of “Flexible Working” (otherwise known as "Activity Based Working"), which allows the vacant areas to be reconfigured as required.

Weather-responsive façade

For the facade, we developed a unique, insulated aluminium curtain wall system that employs vertically arranged aluminium fins. The fins have a reflective surface, causing them to amplify the amount of daylight that enters and illuminates the offices. The shading and reflective effect of the fins and aluminium causes the facade to respond to sunlight in a way that alters the appearance of the building in accordance with the changing weather. The facades overlooking the inner courtyard are also equipped with aluminium panels, ensuring the optimal illumination of the courtyard and surrounding offices by natural light.

The building’s appearance changes in accordance with the changing weather

Visibly sustainable

The building is climate-proof and energy-efficient, and has been certified “Very Good” by the BREEAM-NL sustainability assessment body. CO2emissions are kept to a bare minimum thanks to employment of energy-efficient systems. The toilet and shower systems are water-efficient, and further energy-savings are achieved by the use of a daylight-control system that supplements the available light at individual level. Rainwater harvesting is also geared towards sustainability: rainwater collects in filtration tanks, which filter out pollutants before letting the water gradually seep into the ground.

Project details


Location Oosterhout
Total floor area 8.458 m²
Program Office building
Certificate BREEAM-NL Very Good
Start design September 2009
Start construction April 2012
Completion April 2013


Client OVG Real Estate
Occupant Oranjewoud
Design Paul de Ruiter Architects bv
Project Architect Paul de Ruiter
Project Team Marlous Vriethoff, Richard Buijs, Lionel Nascimento Gomes, Haik Hanemaaijer
Construction Consultant Bartels Ingenieursbureau, Veenendaal
Installations Consultant Hiensch Engineering, Badhoevedorp
Structural Engineering Consultant DGMR
Cost Consultant BBN Adviseurs
Project Management Projectis
Interior Architect Daya Concepts
Urban Planning MUST
Facade Construction De Groot en Visser
Contractor Dura Vermeer
E-installations Van den Pol Elektrotechniek
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning Klimaatservice Holland bv
Photography Pieter Kers

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