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Morspoort car park

A reusable, energy-efficient parking facility

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To fulfil this commission from the municipality of Leiden for a temporary parking facility on the Morssingel, we formed a Design-Build partnership with construction and engineering company Aan de Stegge. The result is both demountable and sustainable.


Sustainable and demountable

Morspoort car park is located opposite the western historical city gate of Leiden, and within walking distance of Leiden train station and the city centre. The multi-storey facility provides 390 parking spaces across four levels. The municipality plans to operate the facility for ten years, pending development of the area.

Temporary architecture

The Design-Build partnership allowed us to work closely with the construction company from the very beginning of the design process, facilitating our delivery of a fully demountable and sustainable facility of high aesthetic and functional merit. Despite the temporary nature of the building, we opted for sustainable materials in its construction. In addition, we were able to minimise our build time and limit construction waste by building with large, prefabricated sections. The Morspoort facility can be easily dismantled once it has served its purpose and reassembled elsewhere, in a different configuration, if required.

The Morspoort facility can be easily dismantled and reassembled elsewhere

Safety and ease of use

We kept pedestrian traffic and car traffic apart, to ensure everyone's safety at all times. We also kept the entrance and exit apart from the stairwells, to ensure sufficient distance between pedestrians and moving cars. The layout of the facility is clear and logical, and to make parking easier we arranged the parking spots at an angle of eighty degrees. The perforated, see-through facade cladding gives users a clear view of the surrounding area, which makes for easier spatial orientation. In accordance with the local residents’ wishes, we chose a mesh made from sustainable and recyclable plastic for the cladding.

We arrived at sustainable solutions in consultation with the local residents


The natural ventilation resulting from our use of perforated façade cladding minimised the facility’s energy demands to a considerable degree. In addition, we devised a smart lighting system that allows for a maximal use of natural light, and employs dynamic identification and signage, motion sensors, daylight-responsive lighting and highly energy-efficient lighting fixtures. We minimised energy consumption even further by our choice of air-conditioning system for the parking attendant’s cubicle, the operation of which relies on heat recovery and a heat pump.

Project details


Location Leiden
Total floor area 12.700 m²
Volume 32.200 m³
Program Temporary car park for 390 cars
Start design February 2010
Start Construction April 2012
Completion September 2012


Client Municipality of Leiden
Design Paul de Ruiter Architects
Project Architect Paul de Ruiter
Project Team Noud Paes, Chris Collaris, Christian Quesada van Beresteyn, Niels Groeneveld
Construction Consultant JVZ Ingenieurs
Contractor Bouwbedrijf Aan de Stegge, Twello
Car park operator Continental Car Parks
Photography Pieter Kers

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