A new clubhouse for Amsterdamsche Football Club

A modern design rooted in the club’s rich history
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Paul de Ruiter Architects was commissioned by Projectmanagementbureau (the project management department of the municipality of Amsterdam) to design a new clubhouse for newly crowned national division champions Amsterdamsche Football Club (AFC). The project was part of the overall development of the sports ground (Goed Genoeg) on which the clubhouse would stand, which is situated at the heart of the Zuidas, the city’s business district. In response, we designed a sustainable building set amid five football pitches and bordered by an embankment wall and a canal.

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Restatement of historical significance
The starting point for our design was the AFC’s rich history. We considered the club’s traditions and records and invited input from its members, all of which contributed to a design befitting the best amateur club in the division. The building’s facilities include everything necessary to help a club of this calibre maintain its standing and reflect its status, including fully equipped massage and physiotherapy rooms, a players' tunnel suitable for the emergence of premier players, a spacious clubhouse, and a roomy 600-seat stands with a transparent canopy and spectacular views of the pitch for the fans’ comfort and convenience.

Energy-efficiency and future-proofing are embedded in the design through measures and features such as rooftop solar panels, wood trusses, connection to district heating and a greywater system. These and other sustainable considerations in concert with a leading-edge design restate, reinforce and showcase the club’s historical significance in a new and refreshing way.

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Project details


Name and location Goed Genoeg sports ground, Amsterdam
Total floor area 2,200m²
Start of construction July 2019

Project Team

Client Gemeente Amsterdam Projectmanagementbureau
Tenant AFC (Amsterdamsche Football Club)
Project architect Paul de Ruiter
Project team Sylvia Hendriks, Marieke Sijm, Richard Buijs, Barthold Thijssen
Contractor HSB Bouw
Building services engineering DWA
Construction consultant Studio Bouwhaven
Cost consultants Vaecon