De Valschermkade

Former steel workshop turned office building
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On the Valschermkade in Amsterdam, situated in the creative hotspot De Schinkel, we have developed our own new sustainable office building. A former steel workshop was entirely renovated and transformed into a new multi-tenant office building for various creative companies.

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The renovation of a former construction shed

Our first sustainable decision was to renovate an existing building. The walls and the roof of the former steel workshop have been retained and form the basis of the new office building. We replaced the old brick office that stood in front of the shed by a façade made entirely out of glass. The existing skylight was considerably enlarged to let daylight enter the building via the atrium. In order to create a large number of workspaces, the high, open space has been divided into two storeys. Recycled materials were used during the renovation and for the creation of the furniture, according to the C2C principle.

The entire building is provided with floor heating, which is connected to a geothermal storage system.

This system, placed 105 meters below the surface, stores cold air in the winter, which is used in the summer to cool the floors. The heat collected during the summer times is stored 70 meters below surface. A heat pump makes sure this air gets back into the building during the winter.

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Multifunctional façade

We specially designed an innovative façade consisting of moving elements for the new office, which is reflective during the day and burglar-proof at night. The moving façade consists of aluminium panels that are perforated to maintain an open character when they're closed. When the elements are opened, they function as a canopy. When the shutters are closed, they lock the building off.

Project details


Gross floor area 970 m2
Program Sustainable multi-tenant office
Start design June 2007
Start construction May 2008
Completion May 2009
Location De Schinkel, Amsterdam

Project Team

Client Paul de Ruiter Architects & Lemming Film
Project architect Paul de Ruiter
Project team Roel Rutgers, Annika Hermann, Nicolle Flagiello
Adv․ installations Stauffer Technical Consultancy
Contractor Bouwbedrijf M.J. de Nijs en Zonen
Project leader Willem Jan Landman
Constructor Broersma
Adv․ costs Bouwhaven Consultants
W-Installer ETB Vos
E-Installer Interdaad Installbouw
Interior Paul de Ruiter Architects
Photography Pieter Kers