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In Hoofddorp, we took the challenge and designed a groundbreaking and innovative office for TNT. Today, the energy-neutral TNT Centre still is the most sustainable office in the Netherlands and belongs to the top five sustainable offices in Europe. Our main goal with the ambitious design was to connect people with each other. We translated this ambition into an open and transparent building, consisting of a U-shaped main volume of six floors surrounding a bright and open atrium.

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The staircase as eye-catcher

In the atrium, staff and visitors come together. From noon lunch is served here and there's room for meetings. The central wooden staircase functions as a true eye-catcher and connects the ground floor with terraces on the upper floors. We hid the elevators and made the stairs the center point in the atrium to encourage movement.

Tntcentre 7

Future proof thanks to flexibility

On the six office floors around the atrium we created 600 workplaces. The flexible design concept allows expansion and shrinkage of sections without the need to reconstruct the whole building. All chosen colors and materials of the interior are completely aligned on each floor. The open work places are combined with comfortable closed workplaces where concentration is required. Between these closed consultation rooms a meeting area for open and informal encounters is situated.

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Tntcentre 9

We based the design on climate principles such as sunlight, heat, wind and water, the use of recyclable materials and the reduction of fossil fuels. For example, the building captures as much sunlight as possible through the ideal north-south positioning, innovative shading enables daylight to enter in every single room in the building, and we designed acoustic wall panels made out of recycled felt.

Tntcentre 10
With a biomass power plant, the 'Green Machine', we provide the building with green energy.

The Green Machine

The Green Machine, a bio cogeneration system, is working on organic waste. Excess energy goes into the grid and a shortage can be extracted from there again. The heat released during this process is used to we heat buildings in the immediate surroundings.

Project details


Gross floor area 17.250 m² (excl. parking garage)
Program Headquarters with underground parking garage for 350 cars, a meeting center, a secured reception, a restaurant with terrace, coffee corner and a post office.
Start design October 2008
Start construction February 2009
Completion January 2011

Project Team

Client OVG Triodos-OVG Green Offices, Rotterdam/Zeist
User TNT Express, Hoofddorp
Project architect Paul de Ruiter en Noud Paes
Project team Chris Collaris, Richard Buijs, Christian Quesada van Beresteyn, Menno Kooistra, Friso Gouwetor, Haik Hanemaaijer, Silvester Klomp, Willem Jan Landman, Roel Rutgers, Willeke Smit, Marieke Sijm
Adv․ construction Van Rossum Raadgevende Ingenieurs, Rotterdam
Adv․ installations Deerns Raadgevende Ingenieurs, Rijswijk
Contractor Boele & Van Eesteren, Rijswijk
Interior design Ex Interiors, Nieuwegein
Adv․ sustainability (GreenCalc+) DGMR, Arnhem
Adv․ sustainability (LEED) B & R Adviseurs voor Duurzaamheid, Amersfoort
Adv․ building physics and fire safety DGMR, Arnhem
Adv․ construction costs BBN Adviseurs, Rotterdam
Adv․ lichtplan Atelier Lek, Rotterdam; ArpaLight, Bavel
Adv․ akoestiek Level Acoustics, Eindhoven
Installer Kropman Installatietechniek
Urban design Rijnboutt
Landscape design Lodewijk Baljon Landschapsarchitecten
LEED certification score 8,6
GreenCalc+ 1005 punten
GPR score 8,6
Energy label A+++
Photography Alexander van Berge; Bowie Verschuuren; Pieter Kers