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Villa V

Sustainable luxury in the dunes

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Villa V is located in Park Brederode, part of a protected area of dunes in the city of Bloemendaal. Given the area’s environmental status, we were keen to preserve as much of the site and area around the villa as possible. We were able to achieve this by building into the slope of the dune, and delivered an energy-neutral house equipped with every luxury and comfort and built largely from natural materials.

Villas, Energy neutral

Embedded in the dune

The villa is perfectly suited to its location. The minimalist box that constitutes the first floor perches above the original dune and the lower floors, which are embedded in the former. The north and south façades consist primarily of floor-to-ceiling glass walls framed in French oak. In contrast, the east and west façades are largely closed-off, built as they are from Waxedwood. A large central skylight floods the heart of the villa with daylight.

We used recycled wood from an old ship for the entrance and garage

Efficient management of energy

The villa’s energy needs are met sustainably and efficiently by means of a combination of geothermal and solar thermal technology. The garage includes a service area, which houses a geothermal storage system and heat pump; and the roof features alternating sections of sedum — which reduce energy requirements by providing warmth in the winter months and keeping the place cool in the summer — and solar panels, which feed energy from the sun to the storage system below.

A harmony of minimalism

We worked with interior architects i29 to ensure that our use of natural, minimalist materials for the exterior features was repeated in the interior of the home. The interior is thus informed by a carefully judged use of veneered plywood, which contributes to the home’s range of neutral palettes and lends the place a consistent understated character.

Project details


Location Bloemendaal
Total floor area 489 m² (including a 154 m² cellar)
Parcel 994 m²
Project description Energy-neutral villa
Start of design April 2010
Start of construction November 2010
Project completion November 2011


Client Private
Project architect Paul de Ruiter
Project team Chris Collaris
Structural engineering Quinten R. Wildeboer
Landscape architect Kamsteeg Tuinen
Contractor Scholz Groep
Interior architect i29 (i.s.m. Paul de Ruiter Architects)
Photography Tim van de Velde & Peter Lipton

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