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Joris Korbee


Joris’s relationship with Paul de Ruiter Architects began during an internship while he was a postgraduate architecture student at the Delft University of Technology. Upon graduation, he returned briefly to the agency as agreed with Paul, before leaving for two years to specialise in wood architecture and design at Edward Rojas Arquitectos, the small but influential architecture firm in South Chile that took home the country’s national architecture award in 2016. During those two year, Joris was the lead architect on several projects and worked closely with the firm’s clients. The commissions included everything from private homes to public buildings such as museums and churches, and his involvement spanned every stage of each one’s development.

Since returning to Paul de Ruiter Architects, Joris has been engaged in designing for new commissions and tender documentation, and has conducted sustainability studies on a variety of (renovation) assignments.

“I love designing with people and for people, and as sustainably as possible, and Paul de Ruiter Architects is the ideal place for that. The practice interprets sustainability from both technical and social perspectives. And aside from the emphasis on innovation, the consideration for people shapes all our activity, be that our approach to design or our organisational culture. We make time for one another and for our clients, and everyone’s input is taken seriously and valued. The benefits of this collaborative approach are evident in the buildings that bear our signature, which ultimately have a knock-on effect on the people who use them and on the environment. Which is ultimately what I hope to achieve with my work.”