Paul de Ruiter
Martijn Van Gameren Copyright Paul Bink

Martijn van Gameren

Partner / Architect

Martijn received his master’s degree in architecture, building sciences and urbanism from the Delft University of Technology. For his graduation project — entitled “Urban Verticality” — he explored the possibilities for creating vertical public space in densely built cities. Martijn was also a student member of PoroCity, the ongoing urban transformation research project by The Why Factory, MVRDV’s TU Delft think tank.

“As a Lego-obsessed kid, the idea of actually studying architecture sounded like a dream. After high school, I got the chance to do an exploratory internship at an architectural firm in Portugal. That clinched it; I knew then that I had to become an architect.”

Since joining Paul de Ruiter Architects, Martijn has been involved in the design and supervision of a variety of projects, including a multifunctional knowledge centre for the bio-based economy, a sustainable high-end villa and the complete restoration of a listed school building to its former glory.

“I love the range of assignments that we attract, and our pragmatic and logical approach to their execution. Our designs exude tranquility with quiet restraint, while manifesting a signature identity.”

As Martijn sees it, the secret to successful execution lies in collaboration, in which the architect must be both flexible and relentless in the pursuit of their vision.

“The execution of the BREEAM Outstanding certified knowledge centre for the bio-based economy is a prime example of this. A building like that is impossible without close collaboration. You and everyone involved are working as fellow pioneers, because few technologically advanced buildings of this sort exist for you to take a cue from. And you’re more likely to hit on solutions quickly when you work like this than you would alone. The rapid and constant flow of ideas between us, the construction team, and the centre’s eventual users and specialists allowed us to push the borders of bio-based construction together. The result, both in terms of process and the finished centre, remains outstanding. It’s incredibly inspiring to see what we accomplished as a team.”