Paul de Ruiter
Raymond van Sabben Copyright Paul Bink kopie

Raymond van Sabben

Partner / Architect

Raymond holds two master’s degrees from the Delft University of Technology, one in architecture and the other in building technology. He was an assistant in the Facade Research Group during his studies, and following graduation worked at Wiel Arets Architects, Cepezed and Hootsmans Architectuurbureau. He also taught for a while at the Delft University of Technology and the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design.

“My interest in the field covers a lot of ground, and applies as much to the process involved in executing assignments as it does engineering and design. These subjects are all part of our work at Paul de Ruiter Architects, thanks to the diversity of our portfolio, whose projects typically require the execution of all stages of the building process and run the gamut from the Afsluitdijk to villas of modest proportions. At the heart of my interest, though, is the crystal clear desire to create something sustainable, beautiful and functional in equal measure, the realisation of which produces buildings that contribute meaningfully to their environment, which in turn ensures that they are well maintained and therefore last longer.”

Raymond’s specialism is large, complicated projects. “I'm involved in every stage of our projects, from the procurement and tender phase to their execution. For example, I am the coordinating architect and project leader on the Stadswerf Oostenburg project, on which we’re working with two other architecture practices. It’s an especially challenging project because it involves the design and construction of an entire neighbourhood in the centre of Amsterdam, and in which several interests need to be considered. Fortunately, we’ve got quite a bit of experience in translating multiple demands into a single, coherent design with a distinctive character. It’s one of our strengths.”