Paul de Ruiter
Ronald Hageman Copyright Paul Bink kopie

Ronald Hageman

Technical Designer

Ronald studied structural engineering at the HAN University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem and completed his master’s degree at the Eindhoven University of Technology, where he specialised in structural design. He worked at Marlies Rohmer Architects before joining the firm.

Paul de Ruiter Architects execute projects from start to finish. Ronald’s area of expertise in this process is the calculation of the necessary requirements for the structural integrity of our buildings, a task that begins at the preliminary design stage. The aim is to use the structural possibilities and construction detailing to support the design. During the course of a building’s construction, Ronald monitors the development’s fidelity to the design and works with the contractor or building services engineers to resolve any problems that arise.

“To be involved in a project’s execution is a rewarding experience, particularly given the diversity of interests of the many relevant parties, the range of expertise they collectively bring to the table and what this means for the final outcome. The idea, therefore, is to always work as a team to find the best solutions, be they aesthetic or practical.

The Krinkels project is a prime example of the result of such teamwork, and stands as a model of total design, both in terms of the structure itself and in the way it is embedded in the landscape. We are responsible for its interior design too, including its execution. It’s a well-thought-out building on so many levels, and a perfect reflection of the client’s and Paul de Ruiter Architects’ values concerning sustainability.”