Paul de Ruiter
Selin Kaya Copyright Willem Van Den Hoed HR

Selin Kaya

Intern architect

Selin obtained her bachelor's degree in Art & Design from MEF University in Istanbul, Turkey. Her first internship was completed in Antalya, where she participated in archaeological excavations. She then relocated to Rotterdam to undertake an internship at the architectural firm BOARD. Starting from October 2023, she embarked on a six-month internship at Paul de Ruiter Architects.

Throughout her studies, she discovered the transformative power of design and architecture in shaping and influencing the environment. In practice, she experienced the complexity inherent in buildings. "My perspective on design has now evolved. When looking at any building, I not only see the facade but also the intricacy of each detail and the imperative that each component is future-proof."

One of the reasons she chose to intern at Paul de Ruiter Architects is the firm's strong emphasis on sustainability: "Sustainability is not only evident in the designs of Paul de Ruiter Architects; it is ingrained in the DNA of our office, from how we interact with each other to the arrangement of our workspace."