Paul de Ruiter
2022 PDR P6 Yamoh 02 3500

Yamoh Rasa

Technical Designer

Yamoh has managed to cram a lot into just a few short years: while studying for his engineering degree at the INHolland University of Applied Sciences in Haarlem, he was also holding down a job at a small engineering company, and would go on to round off his degree in 2016 with a graduate internship at MVSA Architects. It was straight from there to NACO in The Hague, where he worked as a BIM engineer and began gaining the mathematics and English qualifications necessary for admission to Delft University of Technology’s master’s degree programme in architecture. He hopes to complete the programme later this year, but while studying towards the degree he has also worked as a BIM engineer and project coordinator at UNStudio and Tangram Architekten.

“What interests me the most about architecture is its combination of creativity and process, namely that of taking a design from concept to final realization. The nexus of these demands is where I hope to locate my professional development. I also enjoy working with clients and figuring out how to meet their demands on the basis of what’s structurally feasible and legally permitted by building regulations.”

Yamoh is a BIM and data automation specialist in regard to Autodesk Dynamo.

“I consider sustainability a vital element of good design, and the architects at Paul de Ruiter are good at managing both. It’s amazing to be part of a team that is so passionate about architecture, and to be given the chance to work on such inspiring projects.”

Yamoh’s projects at Paul de Ruiter include Waldorp Four and the Oostenburgereiland development.