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Mayor Halsema unveils Prof Dr H. Kraemer School’s new premises and its new name

March 22, 2019 Opening

At 2pm today, Friday 22 March, Mayor Femke Halsema will officially unveil Prof Dr H. Kraemer School’s new premises in Osdorp. She will also unveil its new name: IKC Het Talent (Comprehensive Child Centre). The school’s design is by the Amsterdam-based practice of Paul de Ruiter Architects, who were commissioned by the AMOS foundation to create a sustainable building that incorporated smart energy features and offered additional recreational space with the aim of providing a healthy and stimulating learning environment. The Comprehensive Child Centre (IKC) is the only one of its kind in Amsterdam. Its Frisse Scholen (Fresh Air in Schools) class B certification means it also supports the well-being and performance of its pupils and teachers.

Grand opening

IKC Het Talent’s (Comprehensive Child Centre] new sustainable home, at Notweg 36 in Osdorp, will celebrate its grand opening today at 2pm in a ceremony hosted by Mayor Femke Halsema. The mayor will also inaugurate the school’s new name. Following the official ceremony, guests will be invited to explore the new building, which accommodates 14 classrooms and provides 1,820 m² of space.

About IKC Het Talent

IKC Het Talent is a primary and nursery school that operates on a year-group curriculum system. Pupils are grouped by age for lessons in a regular classroom, but soon begin to receive dedicated attention according to their needs. As much of each pupil’s needs as possible is met by their teacher, with whom the pupils will have established a bond, and who by this point is familiar with each pupil. The school is rooted in an ecumenical tradition that was founded on the principles of respect and appreciation of individual differences.

Healthy learning environment

IKC Het Talent has been designed to meet all the requirements for Frisse Scholen (Fresh Air in Schools) class B certification, so as to further support the health and performance of both pupils and staff. Large sections of the façade can be opened, which not only helps to erase the division between indoors and outdoors, but also allows for as much natural ventilation as the seasons permit. The building is also equipped with a smart and highly energy-efficient ventilation system that regulates the supply of fresh air in the classrooms. These measures, along with our employment of low-maintenance building materials and adoption of sustainable methods, have produced a sustainable building equipped for a more environmentally conscious future.

More space for recreational activity

The building consists of three storeys, with slightly cantilevered upper floors atop a compact ground floor. Minimizing the building’s footprint has allowed for more outdoor recreational space. The cantilevers also enhance the building’s distinctive profile and provide sheltered areas for the kids to play in when it rains. The three floors are connected by a central staircase. The ground floor accommodates the nursery school, parents’ room, playroom, teachers' lounge, janitor’s room and ancillary spaces. The independent-learning room and staff rooms are located at the southern end of the building, while the classrooms are arranged along the eastern, western and northern perimeters of the upper floors.

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