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B'Mine Tower

High-altitude living

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Inspired by the existing buildings along Amsterdam’s IJ river, and informed by the anticipated development of the neighbourhood, B'Mine, by Paul de Ruiter Architects, is a 75-metre-high energy-efficient residential tower in Amsterdam North. The building offers a total of 147 apartments and is situated in the heart of Amsterdam's new creative hub, right alongside the A'DAM Tower, the EYE Film Museum and the A-Lab, the former Shell laboratory building now occupied by small-scale creative entrepreneurs and start-ups. The location and the tower’s clean lines have enabled it to become an integral part of the vista and skyline of the northern side of the IJ, right across from Amsterdam Central Station.


From luxury penthouses to “friends” concept apartments

B’Mine is a multifunctional building with commercial space on the ground floor, indoor parking, a bicycle parking facility and 147 apartments. The apartments come in three types, and include four luxury penthouses with spectacular views over the city and 50 subsidised rental apartments with breathtaking panoramic views of their own. Paul de Ruiter Architects designed 52 of the apartments according to a new “friends” concept conceived by urban and property development company AM and MN. These apartments can accommodate two one-person households, and are designed in such a way that the paired inhabitants each have a spacious bedroom of comparable size, and share a living room, kitchen and bathroom. In addition to the penthouses, the subsidised rental apartments and the “friends” apartments, the B'Mine Tower also offers 41 apartments for rent via the private rental market. By offering this mix of rental concepts, B'Mine stands as an acknowledgment and response to the city’s diverse accommodation needs and establishes itself as an active participant in the urban regeneration of Amsterdam North.

The predominantly glass facade makes for a modern living environment with abundant natural light.

Residential Comfort

In designing B’Mine, Paul de Ruiter Architects sought inspiration in New York’s residential skyscrapers, which place an emphasis on comfort and spectacular views. The predominantly glass facade makes for a modern living environment with abundant natural light. Every apartment is fitted with floor-to-ceiling windows and glass sliding doors, allowing all residents to enjoy the best possible views of the city. In addition, each apartment comes with a generously proportioned balcony, giving residents their own private and wind-sheltered outdoor space. Underfloor heating and a smart, integrated ventilation system ensure an agreeable indoor climate. The green roof on the eighth floor – where the tower indents – adds a playfully natural touch to the building, and offers an oasis of calm in the busy city of Amsterdam.

Project details


Total floor area 21,740 m²
Volume 67,876 m³
Project description Residential accommodation, parking, commercial space
Start of design October 2013
Start of construction May 2015
Project completion May 2017


Project architect Paul de Ruiter & Noud Paes
Project team Marieke Sijm, Mark Maas, Giorgio Carella, Richard Buijs, Wouter Oostendorp
Construction consultants BAM Advies & Engineering
Structural engineering consultants DWA
Installations consultants DWA
Contractor BAM Wonen Speciale Projecten
Client AM & MN
Project owner Pensioenfonds Metaal en Techniek
Project manager Raymond van Sabben

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