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A covered market hall in the Amsterdam Poort

Shopperhal Exterior Paul de Ruiter Architects
Shopperhal Interior Paul de Ruiter Architects
Shopperhal Interior II Paul de Ruiter Architects
Shopperhal Exterior II Paul de ruiter Architects
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The Shopperhal is a covered market hall located in the Amsterdamse Poort, the multicultural shopping heart of the Amsterdamse Poort shopping area in South-East Amsterdam. The existing building complex where the current Shopperhal is situated is undergoing a significant transformation by Paul de Ruiter Architects. The shops, canopies, and existing residences are being renewed using great materials and ample space for greenery. Additionally, 47,000 square meters of affordable and diverse housing and commercial functions are being added. The current parking deck is being replaced with three enclosed green courtyards.

The current Shopperhal is hidden behind the shops and is of poor technical quality. The roof leaks, the climatic conditions are unfavorable, and there are many socially unsafe areas. Therefore, the decision has been made to relocate the Shopperhal to a new building in a better location.

Public buildings

Prominent spot in the shopping area
Shopperhal 2.0 will have a prominent position in the shopping area, spanning its full width along Klein Bijlmerplein. Shopperhal 2.0 is a covered marketplace that acts as a link between Klein Bijlmerplein and the parking garage at Anton de Komplein. The new arches provide access to the Shopperhal across its entire width. The arches at Klein Bijlmerplein are a nod to the large arch and round balconies of the existing architecture. Beyond the arches lies the high market hall itself, formed by a black floating roof, filled with a grid of round skylights. These skylights allow ample daylight and connect users with the outside world. Rainwater that falls on the biodiverse green roof is slowly drained and used for watering the inner gardens.

Vibrant connector
The current Shopperhal is a bustling market hall where a wide variety of unique products are sold, attracting a diverse range of visitors. This dynamism is intended to be retained in the new design. In the design of Shopperhal 2.0, it's important that the current vendors can transition to this new location. The Shopperhal will remain a space for current (and new) residents of Amsterdam Zuidoost. By employing a large span, there's complete flexibility on the market floor for various layouts, allowing for adaptable configurations in the future. The interior and layout of the space will be determined later, and in consultation with the present tenants, this hall will be infused with their unique products. On the long sides of this market square, shops will also be established, fostering cross-pollination between the market hall and other stores in the area. On the other broad side of Shopperhal 2.0, arches are connected to the residential yard and a two-level parking garage.

Amsterdamse Poort
The Amsterdamse Poort is a shopping area in Amsterdam Zuidoost with a wide variety of shops, offices, and residences. The area lies to the east of the Bijlmer Arena station and consists of multiple clusters that will be transformed into a modern shopping area in the future. More and more businesses are setting up in the Bijlmer, and numerous residences are being constructed in the area. The Amsterdamse Poort is one of the largest and most diverse shopping areas in the Netherlands, boasting a rich variety of different shops and services. The Shopperhal contributes to this diversity.

Project details


Name and location Shopperhal, Amsterdamse Poort


Client CBRE Investment Management, 3W Real estate
Contractor Hurks
Landscape architect Arcadis Landscape Architecture
Construction IMD Raadgevende Ingenieurs
Installation and BREEAM advisor Hiensch Engineering
Bouwphysica acoustics and fire safety Blonk Advies
Green advisory Koninklijke Ginkel Groep
Loose interior market hall Ace of Space
Advisor light and atmosphere Bartenbach

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