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Future-proof renovation.

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The law firm on Lairessestraat in Amsterdam underwent a spectacular transformation. In the stately building, we transformed the interior into a bright, transparent space where work and interaction feel natural and reinforce each other. Everything in the new office space is geared towards promoting knowledge sharing and interaction among the building's users.

Offices, Socially sustainable

The atrium has been spectacularly renovated with the aim of connecting different floors and maximizing the intake of natural light. A floor-to-ceiling tree has been placed in the center of the atrium and thrives on the daylight that penetrates deep into the building. With great respect for previous architectural interventions, a contemporary look was sought that aligns with the client's desires. The atrium, due to its height and transparency, has become a conversation piece for visitors and users. The new glass balustrades enhance interaction among employees on different floors and also contribute to spontaneous encounters.

Health of the user is central
The design emphasizes health, greenery, daylight optimization, and the use of natural materials and colours. A completely new climate, a functional lighting design, a healthy ventilation system, and an acoustically pleasant work environment take precedence. Furthermore, the flexibility of the various spaces is ensured. The colour scheme is inspired by paintings by Gerard de Lairesse, with green being the dominant colour. Additionally, the green colour complements the garden with green hedges and the trees on Lairessestraat.

Multifunctional meeting spot
On the ground floor, there is a spacious multifunctional meeting place where the day starts with coffee at the bar, which can be enjoyed both indoors and in the garden. This space is used as a lunch area where colleagues can informally meet throughout the day. Moreover, the space is often used for receptions and seminars, in combination with the atrium and the garden.

Throughout the building, various workspaces have been created, open spaces for dialogue and knowledge sharing, as well as closed spaces for concentration, meetings, and online legal proceedings.

Use of sustainable, circular, and local materials
For pleasant acoustics and a healthy environment, acoustic ceilings have been used. The floors consist of CO2-neutral tiles and the floor coverings are made of natural and circular materials. The furniture is locally designed and manufactured in the Netherlands. The chairs are upholstered with recycled wool fabric from Kvadrat, and the cabinets and desks are made of circular and wooden materials.

All of this has resulted in a future-proof, renovated building where the well-being of the users is paramount, and where knowledge sharing and interaction among the building's users are maximized.

Project details


Name and location Vondst, Amsterdam
Address De Lairessestraat
Total floor area 900 m2
Project description Interior renovation


Client Vondst Advocatenkantoor
Project architect Paul
Project manager Paul and Marina
Photographer Ewout Huibers
Light plan Atelier Lek

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