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Sustainable social housing in Mijdrecht

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Paul de Ruiter Architects designed the sustainable new-build complex 'Twistvlied' in Mijdrecht. The three-story building consists of 26 social rental apartments and 24 social housing apartments, varying in size from 32 to 50 square meters. These sustainable apartments, realized by HSB Bouw and UBA Bouw, respond to the growing demand for affordable starter homes. The name of the new apartment complex is a nod to the Twistvlied school that previously stood on this site, which closed in 2010. Together with local residents, the municipality of De Ronde Venen then developed the plan to realize starter apartments on the site of the school.

To create a healthy, sustainable residential complex and facilitate as much interaction between residents as possible, the building has a central atrium with an abundance of light, lush planting, and an inviting seating area. The collective outdoor space is supplemented with fruit trees and vegetable gardens. Details such as rails in the corridors should also make it easier for residents to carry out initiatives such as hanging art.

Sustainability was central to the design of the apartments; The homes each have three solar panels, an air heat pump, underfloor heating and a 'heat recovery installation' (WTW). Ronald Hageman, Architectural Designer Paul de Ruiter Architects: “Large floor-to-ceiling frames ensure that the relationship with the outside is strengthened, so that every apartment, despite its modest dimensions, still feels spacious. This is reinforced by the fact that almost every home has its own outdoor space.”

Housing, Socially sustainable

Project details


Name and location Mijdrecht
Total floor area 3000
Project description 24 social housing en 26 social rental housing


Client HSB Bouw B.V.
Design Paul de Ruiter Architects
Project architect Paul de Ruiter
Project manager Ronald Hageman
Project team Milda Auksele, Yamoh Rasa
Construction consultant Adams Bouwadviesbureau
Structural engineering Duinwijck
Artist MISS3
Photographer Aiste Rakauskaite

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